Family Support Programs

Family Dinners


Unfortunately, hunger can not typically be seen on the outside.  In the community that we serve, 27.9% of children under the age of 18 live in a household that is food insecure (according to the Capital Area Food Bank 2015 statistic). To combat this statistic, we have created Family Dinners where Mentoring Through Athletics feeds the children and their families in a dinner setting.  In an effort to create communities within communities we facilitate games and dialogue to build camaraderie among all of the families at the site.  

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School Uniform Drive

 Majority of the school systems in our community require students to wear school uniforms but there is no mechanism in place to assure that all students can comply.  Mentoring Through Athletics has decided to support the kids and the families within its program with school uniforms prior to returning to school.  This impacts decision making because a family is not put in a position to choose clothes over food.   

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Sugar Rush Carnival

 Sugar Rush is a sports-themed carnival that rewards its game participants with quality programming that encourages family engagement and community enrichment.  Often times families miss opportunities to connect because of a variety of reasons, whether it be due to work schedules, personal challenges, or there simply not being enough hours in the day. Sugar Rush seeks to provide a safe space for families and students to reconnect by providing an indoor carnival, packed with games and family friendly activities.  

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Cleat Drive

 The purpose of the Cleat Drive is to provide kids with cleats that may come from households that do not have access to additional $30-$40 to purchase them.  Cleats are an essential piece of equipment for performance in outdoor sports, so it is inevitable that our student athletes have what they need in order to achieve success on the athletic playing field.  Having the proper equipment contributes to the athletes’ confidence and self esteem amongst his/ her peers.   

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